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[Thursday 5th October 2006]
Since about July i have been working on a new engine called Meaaov. The engine is progressing quite well, tho other things get in the way alot. Supporting the Original War community takes up alot of my time now.

[Friday 30nd September 2005]
Skybox`s for VBSP 19 maps have been done, also files can now be loaded from the Maps PAK(or Zip) file thats in one of the lumps. (Meaning its possible to load the cubemap materials. tho the engine can`t handle cubemaps yet)

[Thursday 29nd September 2005]
Progress has been made with VBSP 19`s. Currently Unity can load geometry, materials(the system is currently basic, it only renders the $basetexture in the materal files) and do PVS. Skybox`s are next to be tackled. I am still having problems with lightmaps (basicaly u just see random colours when lightmaps are enabled)

[Thursday 2nd September 2005]
A menu system has been added to the project. Its designed to be like the menu system found in RTCW, JKA, JK2, SOF2, etc. Currently its not as powerful (can`t do models, ROQ`s etc). I also started work making a VBSP loader (For Half-Life 2 maps). HL2 maps seem to have much better lighting than RTCW maps. Currently i can only load the geometry of HL2 maps.

[Friday 6th August 2005]
Website launched today.

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